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Vaccinated Travel Lanes Opened Between Malaysia & Singapore on 29th November

Rejoice! Vaccinated travellers will finally be able to travel between Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Singapore, Changi Airport on 29th November. Although land VTL is still closed, this marks the first step to the long awaited opening of Singapore & Malaysia.

Can Malaysians Travel To Singapore Now?

Starting on 29th November, Malaysians and Singaporeans can start travelling between Changi Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport without any requirement of quarantine provided they are tested negative for Covid-19 two days prior to departure as well as arrival.

What About Travelling Through Land?

Travellers are currently still not able to travel through the land link between both countries. However, talks have been in place discussing the reopening travel of the Causeway and the Second Link. Travellers can expect the reopening of Johor and Singapore in the near future.

Why Is It A Good Time To Start Your Business Now

With the reopening of land travel on the horizon. Entrepreneurs looking to incorporate entities in either country should start preparing now. Currently, many businesses are still in dire conditions due to the restriction of the land link. Time and cost are incredibly consuming for operating businesses due to mandatory quarantine and flow of goods.

With both countries being high on the list of destinations for expansions, the news of vaccinated travel lanes through flight can be seen as an opportunity for businesses to get a head start. Entrepreneurs that have not incorporated their business can take this time to incorporate their business prior to the reopening of land travel. This will allow the start-up to be operation ready as soon as when land travel restrictions are lifted and the economy starts to recover.

Looking to seize the moment and expand into either country? Crystal Clear provides incorporation and corporate services for both destinations. Contact us today to find out how we can help establish your entity to be ready for economic recovery.

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