Digital For Life Fund Sets Aside $4.8 Million To Support Ground Up Projects

Digital For Life Fund Sets Aside $4.8 Million To Support Ground Up Projects

The Digital for Life Fund (DfL) will invest $4.8 million in 21 new ground-up community projects to reach 100,000 individuals with the benefits of digital technology. This movement supported by the government, corporates, and community groups, seek to help all Singaporeans to have the necessary digital abilities, knowledge, and habits to prosper in the digital age

What is Digital for Life?

Digital for Life is a national campaign aimed at assisting residents in embracing digital technology in order to enrich their lives.

Within a month from the launch of the movement, organizations such as Keppel Care Foundation, Standard
Chartered, TriGen, Google, Singtel, NTUC Health, Youth Corps Singapore, Heartware
Network, Engineering Good, etc., stepped forward to contribute funds towards the campaign.

What is Digital For Life Fund?

Established as the flagship fund for the movement.

The fund provides a way for anyone who wants to donate money to the Digital for Life cause to do so.
The government will match all cash donations dollar for dollar. The money will go toward community programs as part of the Digital for Life movement, as well as co-payments for more vulnerable recipients through IMDA’s Digital Access Program.

How Do I Participate In The Fund?

Depending on whether you are a non-profit organization or not, there are several ways a business can play its part.

For Non-Profit Organisations

The fund raised from the DfL funding campaign mentioned above will be used to provide funding for digital inclusions projects/activities created by Non-Profit organizations.

Projects are to be built based on the following pillars:

a) Digital Technology and Inclusion – Increasing digital resilience and enthusing all segments of society about how new digital technology might improve their daily lives; or

b) Digital Literacy and Wellness – encouraging positive digital habits as society moves into the digital realm, including cyber safety, media literacy, and reducing the risks of online harm.

The application window will be open for Non-Profit Organizations once a year. The call for proposal for 2021 is closed and the next call will be expected in the second quarter of 2022.

What can you do to prepare?

Download and complete the project proposal and budget forms here.

Get your company secretary or engage a corporate service provider to prepare your supporting documents:

  • Financial statements
  • IPC/Charity registration, ACRA Biz profile or Registry of Society registration
  • CV/Resumes of Core team members
  • Organisation write-up, with information on the organisation’s vision/mission, leadership team, key programmes, achievements and etc.

For Profit Organisations

There are several ways for you to make your impact in the digital for life movement such as: starting a project, volunteering, or donating.

To learn more about starting a project check out this article by the IMDA for a comprehensive guide.

Supporting The Cause Through Donations

All donations will be used to fund activities that will help Singaporeans gain access to digital technology and keep up with technological change. The government will also match all cash donations dollar for dollar.

💡 Donations above SGD$10 are eligible for 250% tax reduction.

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